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Anker 8A - Stone building block set

55,800 Ft
Model: ank-08a
Availability: Last 2 db in stock
The famous Anker stone building set's lookalike edition included a coloured book of instructions. Made in Germany.


This game is consecutive so buying the basic set is necessary. Size: 340 x 235 mm; weight 4,00 kg.

ANCHOR BLOCKS are the king of stackable building blocks. Made of fabricated stone in sandstone, slate, and terracotta colors, these silky smoothe blocks are archetecturally sound enough to build castles, cathedrals, fortified cities, and houses of all kinds -- both from the plans included in each wood-box set, and straight from your young (or practicing professional) architect's imaginagion. These are heavy and substantial building pieces.Originally manufactured in Germany more than a century ago, the antique sets are often found still in near perfect condition because of the high quality of the stone blocks. In fact, these sets draw remarkable auction prices, many times the cost of these contemporary sets. Production ceased during and around the time when Germany fell out of commerce with the rest of the world, and when plastic building sets came onto the market in the 1960's.Luckily, you can't keep a great product down -- and new sets have been manufactured since the mid 1990's in Germany and have been available in the US since Christmas of 1997. New sets continue to be introduced each year, with a goal of re-instituting all 1800 shapes and sizes of blocks originally created by Richter at the turn of the 20th century.The blocks are manufactured from a formula of quartz, chalk, and linseed oil -- and are absolutely beautiful both when they are fresh out of a new box -- and after they have acquired the beautiful patina of years of play in human hands. -- in fact, we think the longer and more often they are handled, more beautiful they become!


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