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Snow globes

These items our dreams from the childhood. In the glass ball is wintertime and it is snowing.
Christmas Snowglobes Christmas Snowglobes
Special types of Snowglobes, with Christmas topic
Snowglobes for any time Snowglobes for any time
Although the name is snowglobe, they are not only with winter topic. They can include our favourite figure: Little Prince, Mickey Mouse, Winni the Pooh, or clowns.
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Article number: zen-0900-28
19,010 Ft 12,000 Ft
Article number: zen-0900-34
19,010 Ft 12,640 Ft
Article number: zen-0900-36
11,630 Ft 6,080 Ft
Article number: zen-0900-20
46,280 Ft 31,600 Ft
Article number: zen-0878-2
19,010 Ft