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Human and animal characteristics showed in a humorous way (such as: tin traffic game, pecking chicken, roll Zoli, rocket, monkey on trcycle, giant wind wheels) 
Animals Animals
​ From domesticated to the ancient dinosaures everything that is alive and moves you will find here
Decorations Decorations
Decoration made of tin for your christmas tree, for easter, to your fridge or on your dress
Hungarian retro tin toys Hungarian retro tin toys
Hungarian retro tin toys
Money banks Money banks
Money-watch dog, safe deposit box, stealing bird, horse-riding faries and the globe, so the whole world is helping to keep your money safe
Paya original tin toys Paya original tin toys
Tin toys of Paya factory made in Spain from the early 20th century
People People
Funny figures made of tin, clowns, street sweeper, luggage porter, washerwoman,
Robots Robots
Science-fiction robots, moon landing ships, space cars and future landscape ideas from the past
Spinning tops and other sound-producing toys Spinning tops and other sound-producing toys
Whirligig, spinning tops and other sound-producing toys
Vehicles Vehicles
Run on the ground, in the air, or in water: ships, bicylces, motors, cars, trams, railways, airplanes, zeppelins .....
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Article number: lem-0179-3
6,280 Ft
Article number: lem-0923-6
4,520 Ft
Article number: lem-0227-2
10,570 Ft
Article number: egb-0995-9
3,380 Ft
Article number: egb-0746-2
1,500 Ft
Article number: lem-0086-4
10,100 Ft
Article number: lem-0099-1
9,130 Ft
Article number: lem-0140-1
3,500 Ft
Article number: lem-0162
3,260 Ft 1,990 Ft
Article number: lem-0163
1,940 Ft
Article number: lem-0169-2
5,220 Ft
Article number: lem-0182-2
1,890 Ft
Article number: lem-0191-1
8,200 Ft