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Magnetic toys

Toys following the rule or magnetism repulsion and attraction (like: Woody-magnetic drawing, benders, dancing figures and Geomag constructing)
Benders-flexible magnetic figures Benders-flexible magnetic figures
Benders-flexible magnetic figures
Board games Board games
Classic board games with megnets for travelling, and puppet theater, moving the figures under the stage with magnets
Construction toys Construction toys
With the new strong magnets you can build much bigger construction as earlier.
Other magnetic toys Other magnetic toys
Ladybird, dog with bone, ballerina with mirror, and others
Puzzles, skill games Puzzles, skill games
Puzzles, skill games, building toys with magnetical elements
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2,550 Ft
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2,450 Ft
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2,640 Ft
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1,280 Ft
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6,490 Ft
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4,130 Ft
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2,640 Ft
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2,260 Ft
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850 Ft