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Musical toys

Human operated or automatic musical items (such as: barrel organ, snowing globe, humming tops, music box and classical mechanical instruments)
Melody (to install) Melody (to install)
Musical structure without overlay. You can clock or wiggle and hear the music. There are several songs.
Music boxes Music boxes
Chest, boxes, tiny holders (for theeth, marbles, jewrely or other treaures) from the tiniest to the eldest, a great variety of illustrations are available with songs from operas, and/or fairy tales.
Musical Decorations Musical Decorations
Decorative articles with music: automatical pianist, Christmas toyshop, automatic gitar or violin
Snow globes Snow globes
These items our drems from the childhood. In the glass ball is wintertime and it is snowing.
Sound and music instruments Sound and music instruments
Humming top, xylophone, clicking, chirping, singing boxes and hurdy-gurdy
Wind-up music objects Wind-up music objects
Musical structure in a small box. You can clock or wiggle and hear the music. There are several songs.
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