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GEOMAG Collection - exclusive magnetic building toy

308,410 Ft
Model: geo-kollekcio
Availability: Last 2 db in stock

The classic first GEOMAG set in a gift box in a wooden suitcase
In a beautiful wooden case with metal handle : - 1000 sticks of clf. size - 450 balls.
Size of the box: 36x34x8 cm. Weight: 10 kg.



The unusually strong magnet rods and ball nodes can be used to create different structures and geometric shapes. The simplest of these "cells" is a triangle. To test the actual strength of the magnets, you can also suspend the triangle by touching ball to ball, as shown in the attached picture, and then spin it. If you want to fit the sticks together, you will notice that they attract each other with one end and repel each other with the other. A ball placed between the sticks changes this property. Let's construct a square, which can be easily distorted in a plane, for example into a rhombus, or freely bent into a square without any grades. Of course, if you have more elements, you can use them to model different buildings, vehicles, geometric shapes. An interesting experiment is to make the two sticks separated by a finger wander together like a shadow image. In other words, by pulling the upper stick, we move the lower one. If you move one or more sticks over a bunch of balls, the sticks pick up the balls like a quail.


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