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Bell and Hummer replica game

21,350 Ft
Model: tab-532
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This game goes back to the 1920s and originated in Germany where it was known as "Schimmel" (white horse). In other countries it is known as "Bell and Hammer", "Merchants' Hall", etc. The name in Spanish is "Aduana" (Customs House). The five cards, about 18 x 14 cm, are shown below with their names. They are respectively, the Hammer, the Bell, Both Things (hammer and bell), the Customs (house) and the White Horse. It seems when I was a toddler I saw the white horse and said "a dog!" and so that card was always called "the dog" in my family. Since I am a traditionalist I will keep that name here.


The game comprises 5 cards (showing a white horse, a customs post, a bell, a hammer, and a bell and hammer together) and 8 dice with 5 of their faces blank
On the remaining face of each dice, 6 are numbered 1 to 6 and the other 2 have, respectively, a bell and a hammer
The game also contains a small mallet and wooden counters.


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