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Kapuk és golyók

3,760 Ft
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Marbles were known in ancient Egypt and pre- Christian Rome. They have always been seem as an evasion of school chores: an anonymous poem from around 1600 describes an English scholar as being " a blockhead at syntax, but a genius at marbles..."


The skilled marble player should have a firm hand and be a good shot...and pratice a lot! To propel the marble, this should be colocarse in the hollow formed by the index finger curved gently upwards and the tip of the thumb, held straight.
There are dozens of different marble games, the majority of which have no limit to the number of players. The game consists the rules of game.

wooden bridge with holes
bag of marbles (5 blue, 5 white, 5 green, 5 black)


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Klassz játék egyszerûbb összeadások, szorzások gyakorlásához is.

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