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Monte Carlo autóverseny tin toy

14,820 Ft
Model: lem-0933-4
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Who is faster and who do it better than the others? Play with it and find out! The game rules in 3 language.



1. Position the lever (below the timer) to "Stop".

2. Wind up with key provided (As you insert the key for winding, the needle in the "Rounds" will come to zero) On full winding up of the mechanism the "Timer" needle will also come to zero.

3. Remove the key and shift the lever away from "Stop".

4. The car will start moving for the race. Open the gate by pressing and releasing the knob on top of the garage. The skill lies in opening the gate just before the Car reaches it so that it is not stopped and keeps on racing at the full speed to take the maximum rounds.

5. After about 60 seconds the "Timer" needle will reach 60 and stop the race. If your car has been obstructed by the gates a number of times, the race may end before the " Timer" needle reaches 60.

The person racing more number of rounds is the winner, when playing alone, try breakinf your previous record!


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