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Rubbit draughts board game - Beatrix Potter

14,710 Ft
Model: tab-0267-6
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This is a delightful adaptation of the traditional English game of Draughts. It features Beatrix Potter's original watercolours and uses hand crafted playing pieces which enhance this beautifully presented game.


Rules of the game:
Peter has a basket of 12 red cabagges, and Benjamin has a basket of 12 green cabbages.
They lay them out at the back if the garden on the dark green paving stones as shown below. To start the game, one of the players, A, takes a red and green cabbage in each and behind his back. The other player, B, chooses a colour and guesses which hand it is in. If B is right, B chooses which rabbit he wiches to be and A goes first. If B is wrong then A chooses which rabbit he wiches to be and B goes first.

Rabbits can only hop with their cabbages diagonally forward to the left or to the right into the next green square.

As he hops with the cabbages across the paving stones he will occasionally come across an opponent's cabbage diagonally in front of him. As long as the square diagonally beyond his opponent's cabbage is empty he must hop over his opponent's cabbage into that square. He can then claim his opponent's cabbage and collect it in his own basket. He may be able to hop over more than one of his opponent's cabbage in this way and claim them for his basket, as long as he remembers he can only move diagonally forward. If he fails to hop when he can, then his opposing rabbit can take the cabbage he failed to hop with.

When either rabbit manages to hop with one of his cabbages all the way over to the last row of paving stones at the oppostite side of the garden, this cabbage becomes a King. This is done by claiming back one of his cabbages from his opponent's basket and placing it on top. This "king" cabbage can now hop both diagonally forwards and backwards across the squares.

When one rabbit has collected all his opponent's cabbages in his own basket he is the winner.


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