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Board games Board games
Pleasant pass-time activity for solitary or groups (such as: capitaly, horse race, ancient board: Kalaha, Go, gambling and card games)
Book, postcard, book-toy Book, postcard, book-toy
Books of tales, moving picture books, flip books
Building constuction toys Building constuction toys
Wooden, metal, plastic, magnetic and stone constuction sets
Chests, jewelry boxes and others Chests, jewelry boxes and others
Chests, jewelry boxes and others
Children toys Children toys
Nostalgic objects for between 3-6 yrs old children, movement and patience developing toys (e.g.: jumping rope, thumb-push toy, spinning top, building block, dress-up doll, magnetic theater)
Christmas Christmas
One of our most determinative celebration, with certain ornaments and accessories for the traditional atmosphere (e.g.: tree ornament, snowing globe, nutcracker, greeting card)
Doll, Teddy, marionett Doll, Teddy, marionett
Puppets, dolls and stuffed animal figures made of porcelain, textile (sample: santa cone puppet, rainbow rabbit, Chaplin marionet, teddy bear)
Exclusive presents Exclusive presents
We offer special items for amazing people an exraordinary occasion: anniversary, business present, or superannuation.
Interior Interior
Impressive objects for decoration our home or office (mobiles and precious decor) (e.g.: whistling train, intarsia heart, functioning desk steam-machine, french porcelain doll)
Lead figures Lead figures
Tin Soldiers, marching bands, winter and farm sceenes, historical figures carefully painted or left bare.
Logic, patience, puzzle Logic, patience, puzzle
Logical, patience and Mind breaking time consumer games like: tangram, wire puzzle, tile puzzle, sodoku, and several puzzles.
Magic tricks Magic tricks
For beginner magicians (such as: my first magic box, rabbit in the hat, book and DVD aid)
Magnetic toys Magnetic toys
Toys following the rule or magnetism repulsion and attraction (like: Woody-magnetic drawing, benders, dancing figures and Geomag constructing)
Marbles Marbles
Suspendable decoration, accessories, made of glass (sample: heart, candy, egg, fairies and thousand kind of marbles)
Model car, matchbox Model car, matchbox
Different in size and pattern fourwheelers. (eg, fire, ambulance, road maintenance, classics: VW, Trabant, Porsche)
Musical toys Musical toys
Human operated or automatic musical items (such as: barrel organ, snowing globe, humming tops, music box and classical mechanical instruments)
Occasional gifts Occasional gifts
Thematic and seasonal grouping to ease the frustration of finding the appropriate gift for occasions (like: wedding, graduation, easter, carnival, valentine's)
Optical toys Optical toys
Deceptive toys to illustrate (such as: bug-eye, double vision and animation with zootrope, octascope and mirascope)
Personal presents Personal presents
There are personal decoration possibility of these presents or special boxes for packaging. If you have no idea, you can buy a shopping gift card, so the gifted person can choose what he/she wants.
Physical toys Physical toys
Interesting tools serve to help us understand our surroundings: perpetuum mobile, pop pop boat, mirascope, yoyo, holey ball, scuba diver...
Snow globes Snow globes
These items our dreams from the childhood. In the glass ball is wintertime and it is snowing.
Tintoys Tintoys
Metal toys made of tin, with funny moving.
Vintage toys - Hungarian nostalgy Vintage toys - Hungarian nostalgy
Toys from the XIX - XX. century, that we, or even great-grandparents played in Hungary (such as: capitaly, Roli Zoli, jumping frog, Anker, Elzett, Rába, tin soldiers, film stripes, piggy moneybank)
Wooden toys Wooden toys
The first toys were made of wood, and many games and toys were made after of it, like building boxes, games of life, push up figures, games, jumping ropes, music instruments, logical games.