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Optical toys

Deceptive toys to illustrate (such as: bug-eye, double vision and animation with zootrope, octascope and mirascope) 
Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope
This optical toy contains mirrors and small coloured pieces inside. If you look into the hole, you can see symmetrical nice coloured forms, and if you turn the kaleidoscope, the wiew will change every time.
Moving images Moving images
Zootrop, flipbooks etc. they are forebear of movie
Octascop Octascop
Special optical toy with similar structure as kaleidoscop, but it has no small coloured pieces. It cut one small piece of our real surroundings and multiple reflect it.
Optical speciality Optical speciality
Special designed optical instruments, and perception disillusion, eg. item is not where we see.
Spin tops Spin tops
Spin tops with painted markings, their shape fuse during their rotation or spiral move.
Stereo cards Stereo cards
These postcards you can come up for stereo wiewer. In the holes there are also lens. If you look into it, you can see a 3D picture.