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Babák, mackók és textil figurák

Puppets, dolls and stuffed animal figures made of porcelain, textile  (sample: santa cone puppet, rainbow rabbit, Chaplin marionet, teddy bear)
Doll's world accessories Doll's world accessories
Flowerpots, stands, toilets, sawing machines anything that a small and a big dolls might need
Dollrooms & houses Dollrooms & houses
Furnished dollrooms, that can be rearranged: kitchen, leisure, sawing room and many more
Dress-up dolls Dress-up dolls
paper or woodden dress-up figures
Fabric animals Fabric animals
Ölelni való mackók, nyuszik, babák, majmok
Marionetts Marionetts
Puppets with strings to move (figures: Chaplin, Cyrano, Henrik the VIII. rabbi, princess, wizard and many others)
Porcelain dolls Porcelain dolls
Élethű és törékeny porcelánfejű és végtagú babák 10 cm - 70 cm magasságban.
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Article number: egb-0763-22
2,730 Ft
Article number: dek-0029-1
3,450 Ft
Article number: pap-0523-3
8,040 Ft
Article number: por-0290-1k
15,330 Ft
Article number: por-0290-1l
15,330 Ft
Article number: por-0290-1z
15,330 Ft