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Book, postcard, book-toy

Books of tales, moving picture books, flip books

(e.g.: three dimensional castles building up in front of your eyes in a second, funny and surprising image messages in a card and human operated animation "flipbooks")

Bookmarks Bookmarks
Good quality bookmarks fo everyday using.
Books in german Books in german
In German, children's books, games and stories related to German culture in a page-turning format.
Changing picture books Changing picture books
By moving the ear sticking out of the book, the image is transformed into another image, e.g. the rider riding a horse in one image falls off the horse in another image.
Flip books Flip books
A game based on optical illusion. The phases of movement on the successive pages of the little book come to life as the pages of the book are spun like a movie.
Fold out panorama books Fold out panorama books
Beautifully illustrated fold-out panorama books for those who want to experience the story even more.
Moving postcards Moving postcards
Like a single page of a changing picture book, the graphics on these postcards change when the paper tongue is pulled. The images are humorous and will make anyone smile. The inside can be folded out and a message or greeting can be written inside.
Popup postcars, stereo postcards Popup postcars, stereo postcards
We can open and found there are 3D.
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