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Jigsaw Puzzles

If we can put the elements on their right places one after the others, we will get a nice picture or coloured forms.
Artistic Artistic
Famous paintings what you can put in
Classical Classical
Classic puzzles made of paper or wood with different grafics
Mini puzzles Mini puzzles
Mini size puzzles made of paper or wood.
Sliding tile puzzle Sliding tile puzzle
Famous paintings in parts, but in a set place, in shuffleboard, you can only shuffle, finally to get the picture.
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Article number: paz-0130
3,740 Ft
Article number: egb-0746-5
440 Ft
Article number: ank-027-1
3,500 Ft
Article number: ant-0352-1
4,100 Ft 3,900 Ft
Article number: ank-027-2
2,330 Ft
Article number: egb-0393-4
6,420 Ft
Article number: log-0001-2
14,920 Ft
Article number: log-0001-1
14,920 Ft