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Vintage toys - Hungarian nostalgy

Toys from the XIX - XX. century, that we, or even great-grandparents played in Hungary (such as: capitaly, Roli Zoli, jumping frog, Anker, Elzett, Rába, tin soldiers, film stripes, piggy moneybank)
Board games Board games
Horse race board game as a hungarian tradition, and in the 30th-s one of the most famous economical game, named : Capitaly
Constructional toys Constructional toys
The most famous vintage construction toy is JAVA
Filmstrip Filmstrip
When it was enough evening some dark in the room, and project filmstrips on the wall as evening tale.
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Vintage products of other hungarian factories
Model cars Model cars
You can remember the most popular cars: "Trabant" or Polski Fiat, or the dream Beetle, and Citroen Duck. We collected them in theis category.
Rubik's and others Rubik's and others
Rubik cubes and others
Tin soldiers - lead soldiers Tin soldiers - lead soldiers
Till today collecting lead soldiers is very popular in the world. There are also other sets with soldier music bands, or animals and farm people.
Tin toys Tin toys
First factory produced tin toys without structure. Further with flywheel or clockwork, and these items became soon very famous in every family children.
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